How can a parishioner be even closer to his church?

To be able to interact with it right in your smartphone.

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You come to the church without cash?

Make cashless offerings with Aligion app (bank card, Apple Pay, Google Pay).

Have you gone somewhere and do not have the opportunity to visit your church?

You can remotely make donation to the temple or/and order prayer intentions with Aligion app.

You want to consult about the ritual, but you don't know when to find the right person?

Book a meeting in the church to discuss the rite (baptism, wedding, funeral, anointing of the sick).

The same questions from every parishioner, how should the church deal with this?

Aligion app generated a website for your church that has worship schedules, the list of What is needed for which rites, and answers to the rest most frequently asked questions.

There are some changes in the schedule of church events and you didn't know?

Now your church is abile to send free notifications to parishioners (Service schedule changes, Unscheduled Service (Parishioner Meeting), News from the temple,...)

And this is just the beginning...

More modules are planned for 2024, automatically activated for all users Aligion app.

How church can connect to the Aligion app ?

It is enough to fill out a short form and we will immediately contact you to integrate with the system and the next day your temple will work Aligion app.

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